Tuesday, 27 October 2009

TK MAX undercover

To claim your piece of art follow the instructions below

Undercover operations in TK MAX in Brighton!

Directions are as follows
Ski Sports
Search through the pockets...

It is indeed a cracker

It is indeed a cracker at the first machine on Brighton Peer!
Go check it out...
See if you can win now that you know where it is!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Library, Fiction section B, Top shelf

Installed on the top shelf of the Brighton's Library Fiction section B, we have left artworks in all of the books.

Its a cracker

defacing money with creativity, these tuppences were placed in the 'It's a cracker' machine on the Palace Pier.
jacks - then there was one
laura- ambition- I dreamt I was the sun, moon, a plate, real, a fake,etc
lynne- supericonography

Each of these little pieces of art were slipped into the pockets of jackets in the ski section in the men's department of TK MAX in Brighton.